Jenna Black

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Available now! 

Note: If you come upon a book whose author is listed as "Jenna Black," and that book does not appear on my website, then in all probability, I did not write it. If that book is of such an adult nature that it would not be found in a regular bookstore, then you can be 100% certain I did not write it. Please direct any objections to the content of these books, their titles, and/or their descriptions, to the bookseller on whose site you found them.


9/7/16 I have opened an Etsy store to sell the pendants (and other art) I make between books. Check out the widget below to see some of my pieces for sale.

8/4/16 Vote here if you want to see more Nikki Glass books.

6/28/16 The Descendant omnibus is now available!